All In With The Mariners

Jun 20, 2011 -- 11:53am

     The Seattle Mariners took two of three from the team with the best record in baseball this weekend.   More and more mariner fans are jumping back on the bandwagon.    I'm not sure I'm ready to yet.

    With the recent play of some of the young players, I think the future is very bright, but I still have questions.  And those questions start with the pitching staff.    Can the starters keep this up.  And can the young arms in the bullpen keep this up?

     I don't know the answer to those questions, but if the Mariners are going to stay in the race in the AL West, the answers are going to have to be yes, and yes.

    Ichiro seems to be coming out of his slump, since he was benched for a day.  Not sure if it was something they told him to do, or he just was embarrassed, but he looks like the Ichiro of the past.

    This team is still not going to score a bunch of this year, and that is something we are going to have to live with.  There isn't enough pop in the line-up to expect offensive outburst all season long.

     Justin Smoak, and Miguel Olivo can hit the ball out of the yard, and I still think Jack Cust will do some damage, but it would be enough to erase many two or three run leads with one swing of the bat.

    I've dipped my toe in the deep end, but right now, that cannon ball is still on the shore, waiting for the water to warm up just a little bit.

How Do The Indians Do It

Jun 18, 2011 -- 2:49pm

Last night, the Indians kicked off another season of pro baseball in Spokane.

Fans will flock to Avista Stadium this year, as a roster full of players chase the dream of being a major league player.

This will be the 28th year I've covered this team, and i've come to learn it's different that most.

Doesn't matter how good, or how bad this team is, fans keep showing up.

It seems to me that it depends on the promotion, just how many will be in the seats.

There may be future major league players in both dugouts on any given night, but if you got dollar hot dogs or fireworks, good luck getting a ticket to see them.

We've seen some great players come through Spokane in the past, yet in the old days it seem that a visit by the Famous Chicken put more people in the seats that watching Ken Griffey, Jr.

Yes he played here 1987 with Bellingham.

For most teams in the area, college or pro, attendance seems to go up or down in relationship to how they are doing on the field or on the court.

Not the Indians. They have had some of their best years at the gate, with some of their worst teams on the field.

I'm not sure how this team will do this year, but I do know, if the promotion is a good one, it will be a full house.

Who's Really Happy?

Jun 17, 2011 -- 12:09pm

The Western Athletic Conference, trying to stay alive in the every shifting sands that are college sports has a new team.

The conference announced Tuesday that Seattle University would become the newest member of the W-A-C.

Everyone put on that letter of intent signing day face, and all the comments were happy ones, but this has the feeling of settling.

And setting is never good. In life, In love and in conference affiliation.

Seattle University really wanted to be in the West Coast Conference, With Gonzaga and the rest of the boys.

Seattle-U was a powerhouse in basketball, back to the days of Elgin Baylor, and was part of the W-C-C in the 70's.

But the W-C-C didn't want them, so they had to settle.

Idaho put on a happy face on Tuesday, with quotes from all the coaches that will face Seattle-U in the coming years.

But really how happy is Idaho... Their new northwest rival is a school that doesn't even play football.

The Vandals don't want to be were Seattle-U is. They want to be were Boise State is.

And the W-A-C.  Really how happy can they be. Okay they are still in business, but at what cost.

They've lost Boise State, and soon Nevada, Fresno State and Hawaii will walk out the door.

Their replacements, Denver, Texas State, Texas-San Antonio and Seattle-U.

Really. Instead of celebrating, the W-A-C should put a sign out front.  "Half off, get you college sports, half off before the doors close for ever!"

Don't Call Them Fans

Jun 17, 2011 -- 11:51am



There will  be a parade Saturday in the streets of boston to clebrate.  

But Wednesday night in the streets of Vancouver carnage took over.

People took to the streets, upset that the home team lost, and started fires and over turning cars.

It got so bad, that a few stories near the arena were looted.

Some media reports use the word "fans" to discribe those who cause chaos.

I won't. Fans were the ones in the seats last night, cheering their team on, and even staying to cheer Boston after winning the cup.

Those in the streets were anything but fans. I prefer to use the term that Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson used - "hooigans".

There is no place for this, and I think true sports fans take a bad rap for this.

We've seen it time and time again in the U-S, it a chance for morons to go out and cause a little trouble.

So when talking about what happened in Vancouver, or the next time this happens, don't call them fans.

Those in Vancouver last night may have had Canucks gear on, but they weren't fans.


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